Saturday, October 1, 2011

They Won!!!! And the giveaway winners are.....

Thanks to everyone who voted for Trey's Field of Dreams - they came in 2nd place and won the $50K grant!!! This is such great news and I know Trey's family is thrilled to get that much closer in their efforts to build a park in his memory where other children can play and be safe.

And the giveaway winners are Cindy B in 1st place and Trina in 2nd place.  Although you're the only two who posted comments to let me know you voted, I did have a couple of other entries from people who emailed me personally and/or who weren't able to comment on my blog for some reason (there are times when blogger doesn't even allow me to comment on my own blog!).  But you ladies won the draw.  (Sorry for the slight delay in posting the results but I had to wait for a friend to come over to do the drawing this morning.)  Please email me your address at along with which books you want - Cindy gets first pick of 2 books and Trina gets her pick of 1 book after Cindy has chosen.  And thanks again for voting and spreading the word - every vote counts and you made a difference.  Thank you!

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